Mission and Vision

Believers in oriental religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism etc living in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Sri Lanka and Nepal etc, constitute about a half of the world population. A majority of Muslims outside “Muslim” countries live among these communities while a majority of expatriate workers in Arab countries belong to these religions.
Earlier, dialogues have taken place between Islam and Christianity and Judaism. This is a deficiency which should be addressed at the earliest by starting a process of dialogue between Islam and oriental religions for a better understanding and coexistence between Muslims and these vital and vibrant communities and to correct through direct contacts the misgivings they have about each other. It is hoped that this dialogue with be more useful and fruitful than the one held so far with western communities which have a long history of enmity and friction with the Muslim world due to the Crusades and the colonial period, while Asian countries espousing oriental religions do not suffer from such a negative legacy and have lived peacefully, side by side, for centuries.
It is our considered opinion that such an interaction will ensure economic, social, cultural and political benefits for both the Muslim countries and their immediate neighbours in Asia, especially India.
To start this process, a conference will be held in Delhi, capital of a majority of the oriental religions, with a hope that the process will continue with more such conferences and fruitful dialogue for the prosperity and peace of Asia, and that concerned communities, nations and countries will benefit from such understanding.
The issues to be discussed at the conference will be:

  • Basics of dialogue between Islam and Eastern religions;
  • Shares values between Islam and Eastern religions;
  • Areas of cooperation between Muslims and believers in Eastern religions
  • Relationship between Muslims and others
  • Commonality of beliefs and shared ideas between Islam and Eastern religions, their stress on humane and civilised behaviour, tolerance, and important teachings of each religion for coexistence among people and nations.